Multimodal Transport (also known as combined transport) is the transportation of goods under a single contract, but performed with at least two different means of transport.

Standard logistics practice denotes multimodal transportation not only as a combination of a few ways of transportation like air, sea, road or rail, but also, coalesce entire logistics infrastructure like terminals, consolidated warehouses, sea and air ports etc.  With the association of long-term partners and contacts We are able to deploy multimodal transportation solutions in terms feasibility and cost effectiveness.

We offer the following services of multimodal freight transportation:

Air-SeaIdeal for West Africa to Airfreight to South Europe & Sea freight to West Africa & South America / Caribbean
Air-LandAirfreight to Transshipment station and then trucking to final destinations
Sea-AirOne of the oldest multimodal solutions where goods are shipped to a transshipment station and then Uplifted
Sea-LandExcellent solution for inland destinations where goods are shipped to the closest port to destination then Trucked to destination
Sea-RailBest solution for Caspian destinations when it needs to arrive via Black sea so goods are shipped to Poti/Georgia and then railed to destination
Land-SeaSuch as Trucking from The Middle East to the Mediterranean and then Shipping worldwide
Land-AirIn the Hub age Airfreight of out of gage equipment can be only uplifted on specific aircrafts so goods are pre-carried by trucks to Airport of departure then uplifted by Air to destination
Rail-SeaFor import from  Caspian stations Goods railed into the Black sea port of Poti/Georgia and then shipped to destination